About 7 months ago, I ventured out on my own and started my own wedding planning and event coordination company. As the sole coordinator of the company, I surely don’t do it all on my own.

At each event, my mom Connie Butler is there as my right-hand man and my assistant. Literally, I couldn’t run an event without her. Also, she’s my CFO! After running two successful companies alongside my dad, Dave Butler, for over 30 years, she gladly came on board the KBCook team to help guide me financially.

As for the PR, marketing, and technology side, I’ve got my sister Lizzie Broussard. As a Project Manager for a design and custom software company (Envoc) by day, Lizzie moonlights as my writer, marketing specialist, and technology consultant.


I’ve heard over and over that it takes a village to raise a child. And while that might be true, it truly takes a village of women who love you to help you get your company up and running.

This is the KBCook Weddings team. I hope you get to meet each accomplished woman on this team during your wedding planning process.